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Marketing Only vs Full-Service Property Management

You have a lovely property to share on Airbnb. It could make you plenty of rental income. Plus, you'll have the satisfaction of introducing travelers from all over the world to the beautiful Asheville area.

The only thing is you're busy. And it takes many hours and a great deal of effort to keep your property looking its best. After all, if anything's amiss, you may experience negative word of mouth and poor online reviews, which could drive away future guests.

On the other hand, you could seek a professional Airbnb management service. Such a company could help you advertise your home, handle your booking inquiries and reservations, and keep your place in pristine condition.

However, some of these companies are more meticulous and more dedicated to excellence than others. Not to mention, these businesses specialize in different areas.

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To find the right company, you can do some online research. Read reputable reviews, and ask for advice from people you know who've hired such pros. After a while, you'll get a sense of different brands — their reputations and how they conduct business.

Generally speaking, property management businesses describe themselves in one of two ways: as a marketing and booking service or as a full-service company. However, how a company labels itself and what it actually does, as we'll discuss below, can be two different things


A property management company that exclusively handles booking and marketing should provide you with certain standard services, including the following:

  • Taking appealing photos of your rental home.
  • Writing snappy, enticing, and SEO-optimized descriptions of the property.
  • Listing your place, along with the text and pictures, on property rental websites.
  • Accepting and keeping track of bookings.
  • Notifying you right away of new bookings.
  • Answering guests' questions before, during, and after their stays.
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Many booking and marketing companies rely on a commission-based payment system. They get paid when you get paid, giving them a strong incentive to see your place succeed.

In short, the services of these companies are valuable but limited. If those offerings are all you need, though, then such a business would be right for you. Before you sign up with one of these companies, however, examine some of the listings that it created. Are you impressed with the quality of the work? If not, look elsewhere.

As a word of warning, some vacation rental management companies will do the bare minimum in terms of promotion. They might list homes on 10 or fewer vacation rental websites. When you consider that hundreds of these sites exist, all of which have loyal users, you'd really be missing out if your listings were so limited. Your rental home deserves better! Therefore, ask a company how many listings it provides before signing up.

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This second category involves a wider array of vacation property management services. They include all booking and listing duties along with housekeeping and repairs. In fact, employees can show up at any hour of the day to fix appliances and handle other maintenance issues. All a guest has to do is call the company, and an expert will be on the way.

This type of business can also give guests keys or digital lock codes. Then, after a stay, it'll take back the key or switch the codes. Without this assistance, sending keys to people can be tricky. And you don't want to stick your key under the welcome mat. That just isn't safe!

In addition, this company can ensure you have the right insurance policies. That way, you'll be protected in all kinds of situations. If you only have homeowner's coverage, it probably isn't adequate; other forms of liability and damage insurance are most likely required.

If you don't enlist a full service company's help, you're responsible for taking care of all repairs. Here are a few reasons this may not be convenient for you:

  • You're often on the road.
  • Your main residence is far from your rental property.
  • You don't feel that your home repair skills are sufficient.

For these or other reasons, you may have to call a plumber, an electrician, or another technician every time one of your guests has an issue with your place. Over time, the cost of doing so could far exceed the cost of working with a full-service property management team.

Moreover, the price of ignoring calls for help could be calamitous. If guests feel you've abandoned them with a shower that doesn't work, lights that won't go on, or some other problem, their scathing internet reviews could lessen your rental income in the future.



Before you sign on any dotted line, it's wise to ask a few questions of a full-service vacation rental management provider.

First, although it might sound like a strange question, you should ask: "Are you really a full-service provider?" Many rental management companies will say they'll give you a full range of vacation property management services. But, in reality, they'll only provide booking and listing services.

Therefore, if you worked with one of them, you and your guests could be in for an unpleasant surprise. If someone needed a repair service right away, she or he might soon find out that no help is on the way.

Another matter to clear up is whether a full-service company delivers services in the region where your rental property is located. Sure, it might be a large company. And its services might be available near large cities and major tourist destinations. But it might not offer any help in your area. You and your guests would be stranded.

Alternatively, your Airbnb management service might work with local vendors throughout the country. However, maybe none of those vendors are near your property. Once again, you'd be out of luck.


Keep in mind that a great rental management company will do whatever it can to please guests and property owners. Maybe its employees replace light bulbs without being asked, pull out backyard weeds, give prospective guests restaurant recommendations, or take care of many similar tasks because it's right thing to do.

Here at the bnb way, our team is dedicated to comprehensive services, the smallest of details, and overall excellence in everything we do.  Just like you would come to expect at a high end hotel.   You can learn about our unique five-star approach to transforming rental properties in a popular blog post here. We'll guarantee that your home is the following:

  • Attractive, clean, elegant, and fashionable.
  • Easy to get around, without clutter blocking footpaths.
  • Aromatic
  • Stocked with linens and towels that are thick and luxurious.

Yes, all of the senses will be delighted throughout a guest's stay. Plus, we can offer a wealth of warm personal touches, including fresh flowers, a letter of welcome, the guests' children's favorite beverages, anything exceeds expectations and helps make any guest feel at home.

When you partner with us,  your second home will become a first-class destination. And, with everyone's wants and needs carefully attended to, your guests will feel pampered and special. Meanwhile, you won't have to fret about a thing as that rental income rolls in. Instead, you can simply be proud that you're offering such top-notch amenities to so many people.

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