Enhance Your Airbnb Hosting Experience with These 21 Valuable Tips

Considering becoming an Airbnb host in Asheville, North Carolina (or the surrounding area)?  It’s an excellent opportunity to generate additional income by converting an unused room or second home into a profitable asset. If you're contemplating hosting on Airbnb in the Asheville area, there are several strategies to ensure a memorable experience for your guests. Here are 21 valuable tips to elevate your hosting game.

Please note: You don't need to implement all of these suggestions. Instead, choose a handful that aligns best with your listing and hosting style.

Hosting tip #1. Be 100% Honest about Your Property
Every property has its unique charm, and there's no need to conceal it. If there are any distinctive features, be upfront with your guests. Attempting to mask imperfections can come across as insincere plus the guest will be disappointed when they arrive if the house doesn't match the listing.  This is the #1 reason a guest leaves a bad review.

Hosting tip #2. Offer Flexibility with Check-in and Check-out
While maintaining a tight schedule is understandable, providing some flexibility can help add value to your guest's overall experience.

Hosting tip #3. Welcome New Airbnb Users
Embrace guests who are new to Airbnb. This helps in fostering growth on the platform.

Hosting tip #4. Undercommit and Overdeliver
This is a golden rule for any business. Never promise more than you can deliver. It's always better to exceed expectations.

Hosting tip #5. Install a Keyless Lock
Simplify access for everyone and eliminate the hassle of lost keys while enhancing security.

Hosting tip #6. Maintain Regular Communication
Stay in touch with your guests from the moment they first reach out and throughout their stay. Send a message a week prior to their arrival, and a day before or on the day itself to address any questions they may have. If you're not on-site, touch base at least once during their stay.

Hosting tip #7. Accommodate Dietary Preferences
Inquire about any food allergies or sensitivities. This ensures a safe and personalized experience for your guests.

Hosting tip #8. Provide Clear Instructions for Appliances and Electronics
Laminated instructions near devices like the TV and washing machine can help guests feel at ease and prevent late-night calls for assistance.  Consider a digital guidebook that the guest can access on their phones.

Hosting tip #9. Be Virtually Available upon Arrival
Regardless of whether you're present on-site, being accessible for your guests upon arrival ensures a smooth start to their stay.  Just like a hotel has a front desk, be available for your guests so they feel the love.

Hosting tip #10. Offer a Brief Property Tour
A quick tour upon arrival helps guests acclimate and addresses immediate questions.

Hosting tip #11. Extend Bell Service
Carrying luggage for your guests can make a lasting impression, enhancing their overall experience.

Hosting tip #12 Share Local Information
Leave pamphlets, menus, and recommendations for nearby restaurants or activities to enrich their stay.

Hosting tip #13. Provide Welcome Refreshments
A small touch like warm cookies or a bottle of sparkling wine can go a long way.

Hosting tip #14. Stock Essential Supplies
In addition to the basics, consider amenities like quality shampoo, laundry detergent, and fresh towels.

Hosting tip #15. Keep Snacks Handy
Stock your pantry and fridge with a variety of snacks, ideally inspired by local fare.

Hosting tip #16. Maintain Immaculate Cleanliness
Enlist the services of a professional cleaning crew to ensure a spotless property for even the most discerning guests.

Hosting tip #17. Play Gentle Background Music
1st impressions are everything.  Create a soothing ambiance upon the guests arrival.

Hosting tip #18. Invest in Quality Lighting
Well-chosen lighting not only enhances comfort but also contributes to safety.

Hosting tip #19. Consider Professional Decorator Services
If unsure about your decorating skills, seek advice from a professional decorator for valuable suggestions.

Hosting tip #20. Solicit Mid-Stay Feedback
Leave a comment card after the first night or send a follow-up message to address any concerns promptly.

Hosting tip #21. Seek Post-Stay Feedback
Within 24 hours of departure, check in with guests for their valuable feedback.

Keep it Simple
In spite of this comprehensive list, the key is to be a warm and welcoming host. Create a personalized experience for the guest that they will never forget.  Identify the most genuine and straightforward strategies to achieve guest satisfaction.

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