Essential Airbnb Amenities for Hosts: Enhancing the Guest Experience

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As Airbnb hosts, offering thoughtful amenities in your vacation rental can significantly elevate your property's ability to get booked more often.  The right amenities not only enhance guest satisfaction but also increase the visibility of your listings in search results which translates into higher occupancy and more money in your pocket. Achieving these objectives is crucial for establishing your reputation as a reliable accommodation provider and boosting the profitability of your short-term rental.

A consumer survey by Airbnb underscores the importance of amenities, with 97% of travelers stating that they are a top priority for an enjoyable trip.  At the end of the day, as hospitality providers, we need to offer more than what a guest can get in a stuffy hotel.  To ensure you're investing in the most desirable extras, here are the top 10 amenities guests often look for on Airbnb and other vacation rental platforms:

Fast and reliable WiFi
Fully Stocked Kitchen
Free parking
Hot tub
Washing machine or dryer
A/C or heating
Dedicated workspace
Pets allowed

While not every host can provide a pool, hot tub, or free parking, there are numerous ways to enhance your property with the right amenities to improve your visibility online to  stand out, and attract more guests

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Master the Basics
Ensuring basic amenities are provided is crucial, as their absence can negatively impact reviews. Excelling in the basics and demonstrating care can significantly boost positive feedback.  Make your guests feel like they are staying at a home away from home.

Stock Your Kitchen:
The ability to cook and do laundry is a significant factor for guests. Ensure your kitchen is equipped with essential appliances and ample seating.

Fast and Reliable WiFi and Entertainment: Fast and reliable WiFi is essential, along with entertainment options like smart TVs and streaming services.  Netflix, Amazon and other streaming services are a must to include at your property.

Abundant Essentials:
Include plenty of towels, bed linen, and toiletries as any high end hotel would include.  Ask yourself what you need to have when you stay at an Airbnb.

Safety First:
Go beyond basic safety measures by providing first aid kits, flashlights, and important local contact numbers.

Thoughtful Touches
Delighting guests with unexpected amenities can make a big difference. Consider offering a welcome bottle of wine, fresh flowers, or quality toiletries. Embrace local culture with unique items that reflect your area's heritage.

Broaden Your Appeal
Regularly updating your amenities can improve your search ranking and appeal to a broader range of guests. Pay attention to the specific needs of your typical guests, such as remote workers or families, and cater to those requirements.

Cater to Remote Workers
With the rise of remote work or what is commonly referred to as staycations, make sure your property is equipped with a dedicated workspace, fast WiFi with enough bandwidth for guests to make zoom calls, and ergonomic comfy furniture to attract business travelers.

Highlight Family and Pet-Friendly Features
If your property accommodates families and pets, make sure to highlight this in your listing. Consider adding child and pet-friendly amenities to enhance their stay.

Match Amenities to Your Location
Tailor your amenities to the type of traveler visiting your area. For example, provide kayaks or fishing gear for a lake house, or beach towels and snorkeling equipment for a beachside property.

Showcase Your Offerings Front and Center
Be specific about the features you offer, from the details of your workspace to the type of coffee maker. Keep your photos updated to accurately reflect the quality of your amenities.

Adapters and chargers
With the world of vacation rentals expanding, your guests could be coming from far and wide. Plug sockets are not universal, so providing extra adapters and chargers within your rental will be greatly appreciated by your guests.

By following these guidelines, you can optimize your search results, improve guest reviews, and climb the rankings to attract more guests with minimal effort and expense.

*Data sourced from Airbnb internal research on the most frequently searched amenities worldwide from January 1 to December 31, 2021.

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