The Value of Vacation Rental Management

Think vacation rental management services are unnecessary? Let me change your mind with two personal experiences. These types of services can shield you from common rental issues like rebooking dilemmas and challenging owners. While dealing with them might not be cheaper than direct owner contact, it can definitely reduce stress and save time.

No concrete data exists comparing direct rental satisfaction to using platforms like Airbnb, HomeAway, or Vacasa. Yet, on a consumer advocacy site, with thousands of reviews, managed properties tend to receive fewer complaints, and when issues arise, there's always a third party to help, although sometimes extra effort is needed.  Nothing can compete with boots-on-the-ground problem solvers who act quickly.

Consider the "book with confidence" guarantee.

This guarantee promises support if things go south during your stay. I used to be skeptical, but a personal experience changed my view. Just a week before my HomeAway reservation in Oahu, I was notified of a cancellation due to the property's sale, leaving me with few, more expensive options. After contacting HomeAway, I was introduced to Susan from their rebooking team. She quickly found a comparable, yet pricier property, and HomeAway covered the cost difference.

5 Star STR's rebooking assistance guarantee is another option to consider, ensuring no extra charges for you in case of a rental fallback.

Dealing with unreasonable owners.

On Hawaii's Big Island, I encountered an owner who demanded an unexpected $300 for air conditioning use and a post-stay $150 cleaning fee unless I completed extensive cleaning tasks. Her demands included thorough cleaning of kitchen and bathroom surfaces, vacuuming, and ensuring everything was left as found.

When I communicated my unwillingness to perform professional-level cleaning, she called, expressing dissatisfaction over the rental price, her high expenses, and my demands. This left me with two options: pay the extra cleaning fee or turn to Evolve Vacation Rental, the company I booked with.

Evolve's approach to customer service.

Evolve reassured me that I wasn't obligated to do professional cleaning and promptly refunded the $260 transaction. However, their frequent text messages became a bit too much. My only request was for them to ask the owner to cease contact. Evolve's client guarantee, though less explicit, still promises a great experience with excellent rentals and customer service.

In conclusion, while travelers must be vigilant, vacation rental management services offer significant protection. Their guarantees don't imply a flawless rental experience, but they do offer a safety net, especially when dealing with unpredictable owners.

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